Tales from the 30s: Boomerang Kids

Living with your parents when you're 30 (or let's just say once you've graduated college), has become pretty common. We're the so-called "Boomerang Kids", coming back to the place we thought we'd left for good.

And we're getting lots of criticism from older generations, particularly in the sense that we are somehow lazy, not committed, looking for an easy way to go through life... or something. But you know what? That's so not true, OK, there might be a couple of BKs outh there living at their parents' for all those reasons, but most of us who're back made that choice because it's what made most sense economically. We weighed our options in terms of money, jobs, quality of living, spending time with family, cleaner air, shorter commute times, whatever, and it.made.sense. to come back.

It's no secret that economies everywhere are in bad shape, but what (reald/older) adults don't seem to get is the impact that has on college graduates and young adults. By the time we leave university we are already in debt, and we don't even have a job yet! Add that to rising prices for pretty much everything... how are we expected to pay all of it in the meagre wages we get? Because, unless you're very lucky, salaries for recent graduates are pretty low, no matter where you live.

For others, it's not student debt quite so much as wanting to save as much as they can so they can buy their own home sooner rather than later, or maybe travel the world, or start their own business. These are all worthy goals and again, it makes sense to live with your parents and save a bit for all that. Still others decided to spend more time with our family, maybe to take care of our granparents or parents, or to be close to a sibling or nephew. Again, pretty good reasons for moving with the 'rents.

It's really not easy coming back home. Apart from all the negativity we get, adapting back to our parents' rules or trying to evolve with them past them, is no mean feat. We've got used to our own schedules, routines, habits, and all of a sudden we're half expected to follow the rules we had 15 years ago. And that's without even going into how we sometimes feel we've failed at life for not living independently, for not achieven all those goals we had when we first left.

So, no, I don't think BK are taking the easy way out, at all. We're not spoiled or lazy or uncommitted. We just made the best decision we could... and we all know it's only temporary.

Are you a fellow Boomerang Kid? How do you feel about it? How do you deal with all the comments sent your way?

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