Presents from abroad

Mi mamá hizo el viaje que siempre había soñado y trajo algunos regalos increíbles, la mayoría cositas de comer y algunos textiles. Hermosos todos.

Les comparto algunas cositas que trajo porque los empaques están preciosos. Hasta pena da tener que abrirlos pero vale la pena porque lo que contienen es delicioso.

¿Qué tipo de regalos les gusta que les traigan de otros lugares?


My mom went on her bucket-list trip this year and she brought back some very nice presents. Most of them are edibles, the rest are wearables, but all are incredible.

While her experiences are her own, the gifts were for everyone, so let me share with you some of the yummy and pretty things she brought. I mean, just look at the packaging! It's a shame having to open some of those, but I know it's worth it.

What are some of your favorite presents from abroad?

White figs

Russian chocolate and caviar

Cod, pheasant and partridge patés.

Spanish black olives fleur du sel & Portuguese fleur du sel


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