How is life like a bicycle?

I've been meaning to write here for a while, but sometimes life gets in the way of life. It's no excuse, really, because I'm loving what I do IRL these days. Sure it's tiring, but it's very exciting too. So there's that.

The thing is, other than having a lot of work, things have changed. By things I mean people and by people I mean I too have changed. See, Mr. Xalaila and I broke up. We grew apart, took different routes and I found myself ending a relationship I though would last much, much longer. It was sad, in a way, but also a necessary step. If you're in a relationship that's going nowhere and neither of you actually does anything to solve that, what's the point in continuing it?

My work also changed. I moved to a different department and what I do now is a lot more interesting, even though I spend like 16 hours every day, and most of my weekends. So yeah, no more free time for blogs, pictures or going out. Not much time for family or friends, except through social media and phone calls. Sometimes I wonder how I'm ever going to have a new relationship if I keep working like this; unless, of course, I end up with someone from work :S

Anyway, I've been trying to make some space for what's important: family, friends, yoga, reading. It's tough, because when you get home around midnight, all you want to do is sleep, but it's necessary. Life is all about balance, isn't it? So I must seek it, however difficult it seems.

How have you all been all this time? How do you find balance?

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