I've never been one for taking selfies, probably because I was never too comfortable with how I look, at least on pictures. But I don't think that taking selfies is just a narcissist endeavour, as many people seem to think nowadays. These images are a way of documenting our image through time, of following up on changes, of being aware of oneself both in the moment and in the medium and long terms. So here I am, occasionally taking selfies and not always liking what I see (which is why I don't post them anywhere online).

A self-portrait can be done just as well with words as with images, so here goes mine.

As I grow older, the more I look into the mirror, the more I like what I see. My face has lost its girlish roundness and thus the angles are more pronounced. My skin is clearer and softer, even if not radiant. I've come to appreciate most of my characteristics, especially my freckles and my eyes, but even my nose and "weak" chin (why is it called "weak" anyway?)

I think this acceptance comes from growing comfortable with myself, shedding old traumas and ideas leftover from childhood, and working on those that still remain. It's a journey, just like everything else in life, but I'm slowly becoming comfortable in my own skin.

How about you? How do you feel about yourself? Where do you stand on the selfies debate?

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