Russian pancakes

First of all, I call them Russian pancakes because the girl who taught me how to make them was Russian and that's what she called them. But you can call them crepes, really, 'cause that's what they are.

This recipe is fairly simple to make... except for the actual cooking part, but we'll get to that in a bit. All you need is an egg, some milk, a couple of tablespoons of flour, and a bit of vegetable oil. You whip the egg, add the milk, then the flour and the oil at the very last. You could also add a pinch of salt, a teaspoonful of sugar, or a dash of flavored extract, as you wish. I personally don't add anything extra because I love the plain pancakes as they are so versatile.

I generally whip everything by hand, but you can also put everything into the blender. It certainly makes getting rid of flour-y lumps so much easier. Make sure there are no lumps before you put the mixture into your very hot non-stick pan.

Don't add any more oil or butter to the pan, the oil in the dough should be enough to keep it from sticking. Add enough dough to cover the bottom of the pan and let it sit until the edges start to brown and you see the middle bubbling. Same procedure as with any other pancake, really.

In the same vein, the first one (or two or three) will probably not be very good. But it wil let you know whether you need to adjust anything, most likely add flour or milk. It will also help you control the taste, so don't despair.

Crepes are all about the practice, and you'll get enough practice in one go to end up with perfect pancakes. Trust me, the last ones will make you week with joy and you'll be glad you didn't toss everything away after the first one(s) didn't turn out.

Obviously you can add anything you want. I love putting on some ham and cheese and then just sticking it in the microwave for a few seconds. But the options are endless and you can always make lots of pancakes for leftovers. They're great for reheating and you can literally have them with anything you have on hand.

Bon appetit!

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