On painting and writing

Siempre he pensado que quiero ser escritora y que eso se me da mucho mejor que las artes plásticas. Sin embargo, me estoy dando cuenta que tengo una mayor necesidad por sentarme a pintar que por sentarme a escribir. Como que el llamado es más fuerte; no sé cómo explicarlo.

Tampoco pinto mucho. Pero tengo más inquietud por hacerlo, sobre todo ahora que he dejado de lado la idea de que "no sé dibujar", "no soy buena" y que ya no me frustro si las cosas no salen exactamente como las pensé. Finalmente, creo que los resultados son aceptables y eso me motiva a seguirlo intentado.

Que tengan un lindo viernes y que su fin de semana esté lleno de aventuras y creatividad.

Something I made for my little nephew who, as you can tell, is called Silvio

I've always though I wanted to be a writer, since it was easier for me than painting and other arts, and motivated me more than dancing and the theater. However, I'm realizing that I have a greater need to sit down and paint, than to write. The calling is stronger, I don't know how to put it.

It's not that I paint a lot, only that I feel more curious about it, especially since I've stopped thinking "I don't know how to do it" or "I'm not good at it". I also don't get frustrated any more when things don't turn out exactly how they were inside my head. I kind of think the results are acceptable and that motivates me to keep trying.

Have a great Friday and a weekend full of fun and creativity.

I don't know whether this is my word for 2014, but it certainly was for 2013

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