On being an adult

I remember wanting to grow up, to be my own mistress, have my own space and generally be independent from everything. Now that I'm an adult, I find myself kind of wanting to back to simpler times. Here's why:

  • As a kid, you're not taught how to calculate your taxes, where to pay them, and how much money it actually is. You graduate university and suddenly you're supposed to magically know all about it. Seriously?
  • Bills. You want your own money to spend in stuff you want, but it turns out that what you  make isn't really yours: it belongs to your landlord, the cable company, the phone company, the water company, the gas company...
  • Responsbility. You still have to be places on time, held accountable for your work and your actions. Being out of school doesn't mean you don´t have to hand in homework anymore; it's just a different kind of homework, and you're still responsible for it. In fact, you have to be even more responsible than before. After all, your work depends on it (and probably other people's too).
  • Your parents are still all up in your business. Apparently there's no age when they stop telling you to sit up straight, to wash your car, to come down for dinner. I guess it's a lifelong prerogative of being a parent.
So, yeah, the adult world isn't all that I expected it to be. But then again, it is. It's great to have your own space and decorate it exactly how you like. Yes, there are a lot of responsibilities but some of them you get to choose, so there's a great satisfaction when you actually acomplish them. Once you've paid your bills and taxes, the money left over is yours to spend how you want (do it wisely and try to save some of it, for later).

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I actually like where I am right now. How about you? How does the grown-up life treat you? Do you like it? Are happy where you are? Is it everything you expected?

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