Moments of the week

What's in your heart?

I saw this on Lisa's website and thought it would not only be fun, but also awareness-raising. These are little moments of my week, for all of which I am grateful. (Also, thanks Lisa!)

Self-Love Moment of the Week: pampering myself with a movie and pedi, at the same time, at home.

Best Compliment of the Week: "You're so good". I was told this at work and it just makes me happy.

Best "Body Moving Fun" Feeling of the Week: Dancing for my little nephew and making him laugh.

Most Love-Filled Thing I Read This Week: Conan Doyle's descriptions of Mrs. Hudson.

Something I Heard that Moved Me: Wake Me Up, by Avicii

Best Life Surprise: Being asked to be a bridesmaid by an old college friend who I haven't seen in years.

Most Fulfilling Conversation: Sharing my love of Sherlock Holmes with a new friend.

Favorite Moment of True Connection: Having coffee with a friend I hadn't seen in about two years and realizing nothing's changed.

Favorite Goosebump Moment: Receiving a package in the mail.

Most Magical Moment: my nephew falling asleep in my arms... twice!

Your turn. What are your favorite moments from the past week or month?

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