Conversations with my grandfather

He loves peanut butter. Just loves it. But since it's a bit expensive in this country, I once made him some at home. He had said he liked it, and then started buying the commercial brands again, so I assumed he didn't like it all that much. Except today he suddenly called from the kitchen, asking for help. He wanted to make some peanut butter, but couldn't find the right jar for the blender (a small, glass one). He had two or three on the counter, plus the blender, and was trying to fit the whips in, so I put those back and took out the right one, threw in the peanuts and then we had the following conversation.

Grandfather: Before you put the lid on, let me add a bit of salt. Of potassium salt.

Me: But the peanuts are already salted. Do you really want salted peanut butter?

G: I dusted off the salt. I need to add some more.

M: Even so, they're quite salty. Just look at the package, you can see all the salt there.

G: ....

I put the lid on and screwed the jar to the blender.

G: But aren't commercial brands salty?

M: Well, they do add a bit of salt but they're mostly sweet.

G: ...

M: You eat them all the time, you should know how sweet or salty they are.

G: ...

The peanuts turn to dust, so I unscrew the lid to add some vegetable oil and honey, which are the other two ingredients in this extremely simple recipe.

G: I was going to add olive oil...

M: But that changes the taste. All the recipes I've seen say to add peanut oil, or if you don't have that, vegetable oil.

G: Olive oil is vegetable oil.

M: Well, yes. But when you're cooking you use vegetable oil to refer to canola or sunflower oil, to distinguish from olive oil.

G: (disbelieving silence. Because obviously)

We stir the oil and honey. I lie not: he barely let me finish stirring before he started eating the thing!

G: It's the best peanut butter I've ever had! It's perfect!

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