A Stroll in Cholula

Cholula acaba metiéndose en el corazón de todos los que hemos vivido ahí. No hay nada como volver a ver la iglesia de los Remedios recortándose en el horizonte, con el Popo de fondo, para sentirse en casa. Y ahora que declararon San Pedro Pueblo Mágico y han remozado el centro, da gusto irse a dar una vuelta por ahí. Justo eso hice con mi hermana, cuñado y sobrino el martes por la tarde, disfrutando una deliciosa nieve de cajeta y una tarde magnífica.

¡Feliz fin de semana!

Cholula, the town where I lived when I was in college, remains forever in the hearts of all those who have ever lived there. There's nothing like seeing the church on top of the pyramid and the volcanoes in the background to feel right at home. The government has declared it a Magic Town (a category that recognizes both history and beauty) and it has beautified the downtown area. It's lovely to stroll around the main square, which is exactly what I did on Tuesday afternoon with my sister, brother-in-law and nephew. It was a perfect afternoon.

Happy weekend!

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