London: Walking Around

Aunque soy fan del transporte público eficiente, no hay nada como caminar por la ciudad para descubrirla. Incluso en la Ciudad de México, que conozco bastante bien, doy paseos a pie y siempre encuentro cosas nuevas que admirar. Si eso hago en casa, ¡con más razón en Londres! Cualquier oportunidad para caminar fue bienvenida, sobre todo porque hay tanto que ver y que si vas en camión, metro o auto, te lo pierdes. Además, ir a pie te da una mejor sensación del tamaño, movimiento y vida del lugar en el que estás. Hoy les invito a bajarse del transporte y admirar Londres conmigo.


I love an efficient public transport system, but there's nothing like walking around a city to really discover it. Even back in Mexico City, which I know fairly well, I try to do it as much as possible and I always find new things to admire. If I do that at home, of course I was going to it in London! I welcomed every chance of a walk, however short, because there is just too much to see and it's easy to miss if you're on a bus, car, or the tube. Besides, walking gives you a better feeling for the size, movement, and life of the city. Hop off your bus/tube/whatever and walk around London with me!

Which way should we go?


There all kinds of art installations around the city, permanent and ephimeral

Towers: The Shard and the Tate Modern

There's plenty of interesting architecture

Tired or claustrophobic? Get to the river or a park!

And don't forget to look up!

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