This week

This week has been an extremely difficult one for me, though perhaps not always outwardly. There was a storm raging underneath calm waters and eventually it broke lose, leaving me tired, sick and with a broken heart. The only thing to do now is breathe deeply, learn and move on.

Fortunately and despite all that, there have been moments of calm and beauty. We had gorgeous weather on May Day, I read a good book, and made some new friends. Here's to the future, whatever it may be.

I had some delicious mango, just on this side of ripe, so it was perfect with chili powder.

I loved discovering Victorian steel frames and details inside a brick Victorian building. Just adds flavor to the whole setting.

Lying in the sun on May Day, with ribbons billowing around, live music and a good book.

More unexpected details, this time on a street post. It was the only bee in the whole street. I wonder if it means anything.

How was your week?

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