Northern Quarter Take-Over

It's the second year that the Northern Quarter's restaurants and bars team up with charities to organize a huge street party, and I was excited about going there. I made plans with my roommate and met her at about 5 PM. Unfortunately, and partly because the whole thing had started at noon, we could never get in. The streets where the party was going on were blocked off with metal railings and security guards. We saw only two entrances... both with a queue that went around the block. What was strange though, was that it was not even full inside! But still, they were not letting people in until some people had gone out. But no one wanted to leave: there was live music, plenty of food and drink, and it was quite warm out, despite the lack of a shining sun.

Not all was lost though. My roommate and I decided to walk around for a bit and then went out for a gorgeous dinner at The Printworks, ending with a delicious baklava. And I got to see buildings and back streets that I hadn't seen before, which I love! Now that I've finished term, I plan to walk a lot more around the city centre and discover as many things as I can. Nice plan for a staycation!

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