Salford Museum & Art Gallery

Yesterday I had a bit of spare time and, since I have been at uni for almost 8 months now and had never set foot inside, I decided to visit the Salford Museum & Art Gallery. It's a nice, warm place, with a few different exhibits, though mostly it has Victoriana and... Salfordian history, obvs. The museum, like all others in Greater Manchester, is free and it's very child-friendly (there was a school trip going out as I went in and I found lots of pillows and cushions, costumes, color pencils and drawings all over the place. It was really lovely.) 

Here are a few of my favorite things:

A lovely chimney

A pottery wheel

A Victorian sweetshop, located in the reproduction of a Victorian street

Fleet Street, a Victorian street

A Victorian printing press

A Victorian apothecary

A Victorian kitchen

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