Are you Pakistani?

Manchester has probably the largest non-White/immigrant population in the UK, and the area where I live is particularly brown. This is only relevant because it provides context to today's random encounter.

I was waiting for the bus when an old man in a suit and carrying a briefcase started asking me questions. I couldn't understand him, but I thought it was only because of his accent. He persevered, and it wasn't until I caught the word "Urdu" and shaked my head that he switched into English (and I realized I couldn't understand him because I don't speak his language.) He asked me where I am from and when I said Mexico he chuckled and replied with "I thought you were Pakistani." He was really sweet about the confusion, laughing a little at himself for speaking to me in Urdu, and then we carried on talking for a little while.

Random events like this made me smile, and it was great that it happened precisely today, as I am already missing Mr. Xalaila.

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