Library tour: Levenshulme Library

I've realized that places like Levenshulme, Lonsight or Fallowfields are actually more like Manchester's neighborhoods than smaller towns joined to it, as I previously thought. With this realization came another: each one of them has its own branch of the Manchester City Library, and I've decided I want to visit as many as I can and find a nice spot for working. This means not only working in a library (virtually unheard of in Mexico, except for university campuses), but also taking pictures, changing scenery, exercising while going back and forth (not all of them are close to home), and being surrounded by books and more books.

Opening hours are a bit strange for Manchester City Libraries, particularly the smaller ones. Government cutbacks mean that there's less money to give the libraries, including for salaries, so they are closed twice a week, close during lunch breaks and close for the day at 5 pm. Still, I think that working there for three hours in a row is pretty good, as once my concentration starts to fail it's time to go home, but I've made the most of my time there.

I started with this plan yesterday and visited the Levenshulme Library. It was small and cozy, right next to a park, filled mostly with contemporary fiction. There was a children's group singing and dancing, which meant it was a bit noisy, even sitting on the farthest corner, but once I managed to concentrate, I worked pretty well for a couple of hours.

As for pictures, I didn't manage to take a picture of the inside of Levenshulme Library, but I'll go back and take them. Right now, here's the outside. Pretty nice, eh?

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