Library Tour: Fallowfields Library

My second library visit was to the Fallowfields Library. It's a bit farther away from home, about half an hour, across Plattfields Park. But to get there actually took me about an hour and a half because I got lost. I crossed the Park, started walking, found nothing, tried to get back, made a huge circle and came back to the Park. I almost gave up then and there, but I checked a map inside the Park, figured out the actual way and decided to go take a look.

Fallowfields Library is smaller than Levenshulme Library, but with a similar book collection: mostly contemporary fiction, some history books and a good children selection. It has a few computers and only two desks. Horrible place to work.

In the end I decided not to work there but I registered for the Manchester City Library system. I have a library card! Yay! I have decided to take full advantage of it, once I finish and turn in two fiction books I am reading (yes, on top of everything else for my classes). It's really good that I can browse the catalogue on-line, order the book I want and pick it up in whichever library I want. That should be either Levenshulme or Lonsight, but it can change.

Books make me happy.

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