Me emociono / Getting excited

Resulta que para la maestría tengo tres opciones: no hacer tesis y salir con un diploma, hacer tesis o hacer tres meses de práctica en una de las agencias internacionales con sede en Ginebra. ¿Cuál escogeré? ¡Qué emoción!

¿A ustedes qué lXs tiene emocionados últimamente?

For my Master's degree I have three options: not writing a dissertation and getting a diploma, writing a dissertation or do a three month intership in one of the international organizations in Geneva. Which will I choose? This is so exciting!

What are you excited about?

Semester 3

If you pass the taught component of the course you may then proceed to the 12,000 word dissertation, which is worth 60 credits. Those not wishing to continue onto the dissertation project can be awarded the Postgraduate Diploma if leaving the course at this stage.
Or, you may apply for the Practicum in International Organizations. This practicum involves 12 week internships in international organizations in Geneva. This is an excellent chance to work in the field, to network across relevant sites in Geneva, and gain the experience of the hands-on work of global governance as conducted by international/intergovernmental organisations.

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