Ejercicios de escritura: Elementos de una historia / Writing prompts: elements of storytelling

All the children stampeded to the yard, cheering and yelling before they even knew what the fight was about. I followed slowly, dragging my feet, feeling guilty. The teacher would only punish the boys who fought, but at home I was sure to be grounded when my parents found out I had caused another fight.

My friend was bearing the worst of it. Tom was a small boy but he always stood up for me when I was bullied. I never understood why he did it, but it was certainly a comfort to have someone on my side.

"Don't - call - her - that!" Tom managed to yell between punches.

"I'll call her whatever I want," said the bigger boy, Arthur, avoiding Tom's fist.

They were dirty. Tom's fist clenched Arthur's hair while receiving a bite. They both yelled out.

The other kids egged them on; most supported Arthur but some of them encouraged Tom. I was grateful to them.

A teacher rushed past me and tried to separate them, getting a few kicks before achieving her goal. She was flushed with anger; her voice rose above all others as she dragged the boys to her office.

I huddled closer to wall but she shot me a dirty look. She knew. She'd call my parents. I despaired and followed her inside, trying to hear what she said.

"This is the third time I have to separate you two! You will get detention for a week."

"But," tried to say Tom, "Arthur was insulting Sam."

"I don't care," she said. "It's time you learn you can't solve her problems. Especially not by fighting."

Arthur smiled. He was getting away with it. Again. He relaxed, smoothed his sandy hair, and walked along the hall to the teacher's office. He was probably already planning his next attack on me.

[Éste ejercicio de escritura creativa surgió de The Write Practice. Agradeceré todos sus comentarios sobre el estilo y la forma. Después de todo, una aprende de sus errores, así que no duden en señalarlos. Si quieren unirse al ejercicio, escriban sobre una pelea en el patio de la escuela.]

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