En palabras de Stevi Jackson

The assumption that gender rests on biological difference or procreative sex can all too easily lead to the assumption that heterosexual relations between anatomical males and anatomical females belong in the realm of nature. Sexuality is an area of social life which is particularly susceptible to essentialist arguments, the reduction of all the complexities of human sexual desires and practices to procreative heterosexuality and the survival of the human species. This reduction of heterosexuality to a reproductive imperative is closely tied to naturalistic ideas about gender. Hence it is commonly assumed that differences between women and men are directly explicable by reproductive biology. Moreover, sexuality validates gender: 'femininity' equates with attractiveness to men; sexual conquest of women confirms masculinity. It is then assumed that sexual difference is essential to sexual desire, that 'opposites' attract; hence heterosexuality is defined as 'normal' through what Tamsin Wilson (1996) has called 'heteropolarity'.

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